Memphis Mansion

Memphis mansion is the famous museum of the Denmark. It is located in the city Randers. This world famous museum is dedicated to the famous singer Elvis Presley. It is the rock and roll singer and an actor who died in 1977. The Memphis mansion also includes a restaurant which serves to the all tourist of that museum.  There is a statue outside a museum, which attracts the visitors of this mansion.

This mansion is completely dedicated to Elvis Presley and all his daily life items. In this museum you may see old design stuffs which have been used by Elvis Presley in his life. It includes juice blender, old TV, CD collection, costume, statue, old sofas and old fashioned piano.

This mansion has a big gate by which visitors enter into this museum. The tourists enter from the gate to the main entrance hall. The main entrance hall has stairs which lead to the first floor. Well, we can say that in this mansion, you can see every ancient stuff of the famous singer and actor Elvis Presley. Many people come from various countries or cities visit Randers to see this awesome place.

A perfect museum for tourist

This is indeed a perfect museum for you. If you are a fan of Elvis Presley then you must visit this place. Here you can know the things which he may use in his entire life. The things like a huge collection of his albums and CDs are the glimpse of the attraction of this beauty. You can also come to know that the costumes of this actor.

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How is this Memphis mansion different from others museum?

This is a museum in which you can see all the collection of Elvis Presley. This is only dedicated to a specific person and you can only learn the life history of that person. If we talk about other museums, it includes the life history of many peoples. Furthermore, the other type of museums has different varieties of ancient items to watch and learn.  Well, we can say that the Memphis mansion is only for the lover of famous singer Elvis Presley.

History of Memphis mansion

Henrik Knudsen inaugurate this  mansion on 14 April 2011. The official inauguration took place on 15 April by re-known personalities. These celebrities include the American ambassador James P. Cain, Randers Henning Jensen Nyhuusand the singer Suzi Quatro. This mansion is bigger than the mansion of Graceland in city Memphis.

This Memphis mansion has a collection of 6000 pieces. Furthermore, the estimated value of these collections is about 1.5 million euro. There is a restaurant of delicious foods outside the Memphis mansion. This restaurant has been established in an American style. There is also a fan shop along with the restaurant. This mansion listed in the top 50 popular destinations of the Denmark country. There is an estimation that, more than 130,000 visitors visits in 2015.


If you are in a  Denmark to visit the beautiful country, then you must visit this mansion as it is one of the most loved place to visit.

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