Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a professional person which has a license and performs real-estate transaction. The main purpose of a real-estate agent is to act as an intermediate party between the buyer and the seller. He negotiates the transaction between above two parties and reward a remuneration after completion of a transaction that is why a real estate agent plays a vital role in property matters.

Sometimes he gets a fixed remuneration of a certain deal or a transaction. Some real-estate agents get a specific percentage of a purchase price of a property.
A real estate broker or a property broker is more experienced than a real estate agent. This property broker has high degree license and he superior in designation than estate agent.

Working Of A Real Estate Agent

The real estate agents usually specialize in the commercial and non commercial properties or estates. They perform different duty and transactions which depends on the requirements or conditions of the buyers and sellers.

Work for the seller

The agent who works for the seller is the listing agent and always advice on the price of the certain property. The agent also gives advice on improvements on the property like renovation. He also suggests adding attractive package which helps in boosting the selling process of a property. Now a day there is e-marketing facility available in shape of social media marketing, whats app marketing, google ad marketing and sms marketing or other medias. The purpose of these sort of marketing’s to attract the many buyers as possible according to a specific area, city or a country. The e-marketing is the advanced form and it gives more buyers in a given period of time.

Work for the buyer

The agent also works for the buyers in order to finding those properties which lies on the budget of the buyers. He also advised to increased or decreased the budget according to the area. If a buyer wants a property in a high price area then his budget must be high and vice versa. Agents also provide E-marketing advertisement to find a true seller as early as possible.


After the successful transaction between both the buyers and the sellers, a real estate agent gets a specific commission. Sometimes he gets commission from both the parties and sometimes he gets the commission from a single party. Now question arises what is the commission in monetary terms. Well some agents charge a fixed amount for every transaction but many of them charge a fixed percentage of the purchase price of a property. Higher the price of the property gives more commission to the agent.

Features of Real Estate Agent

Following are the key features of real estate agents.

  • A real estate agent is a professional licensed person who performs property transaction between buyer and the seller
  • He gets commission as a reward for a successful transaction between both the parties.

How to become a successful real estate agent

The following is the key points to become a successful property agent.

  • By Hard work
  • Pay attention to every detail.
  • Honest in dealing
  • He must have connections

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