Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Sometime we obtain non-public personal information to you and your agents through telephone.

Just we obtain the followings information:

  • Job Titles Name, First Name & Last Name
  • Email address, business Telephone numbers
  • Social account Number or Id


When you sign up on my website then all your data the you inter come in our website database. With this you can easily login our website and edit your comments time and profile. Your email id name and password add in our website database automatically.

Video data collected on other websites

We share just unique and latest collections about occasion’s celebrations. In side of video, if you seen video on our website and next you seen same video on other website then I will just interact you if logged on other sites.

Request to Add & Delete personnel data on our website

Mostly people request us to export their website on my website because they give much benefit and traffic through our website. If you not know procedure of export date on our website. Then you can contact us through this email ( If your data is unique and best then we easily accept your data and add in our website. On other side, if you decide to delete all your data from my website then you can contact us by email. Immediately we action your email and delete your all data from our website.

About media

We understand to you to upload your personnel images date with GPS location. Through this visitors may seen your images data with GPS locations and download.